Current Situation

For a number of years we have wanted to train others who would like to work with us in the production and etching of our glass panels, as well as in research and development of metal colour light therapy. We have also been asked to offer another metal colour light therapy training. With Marianne Altmaier’s death, we are now in a different situation and the question of individuals who would like to carry the impulse into the future with us has taken on an even greater importance. 

Friedlinde Meier, curative eurythmist and metal colour light therapist (trained by Marianne Altmaier) has been working with Lichtblick since April 2014. She is responsible for continuing education and metal colour light therapy research.

In August, 2014, we began the training in glass etching. Four course participants are learning this particular form of etching from Lucien Turci. In the future they will carry out work for Lichtblick. In August, 2015, the second three-year metal colour light therapy training will begin. For the production of our coloured glass panels, we would also like to find someone as quickly as possible who would help us.

The 10 metal colour light therapists trained by Marianne Altmaier meet twice yearly to continue their training and converse about research questions. We have begun to develop a course for doctors that would be the basis for prescribing metal colour light therapy and exchange with metal colour light therapists. We are also continuing our study of metal colour light therapy with test persons, singly and in groups, and offer metal colour light therapy sessions.

Bei Seminaren und Veranstaltungen haben interessierte Menschen auch zukünftig die Möglichkeit, das Metallfarblicht und seine Wirkungen kennen zu lernen. Gerne führen wir Gruppen durch unser Glasatelier in Schwörstadt und ermöglichen ihnen Wahrnehmungen an Therapiefenstern.

Last but not least, we produce glass therapy panels. Every year we have a number of pouring cycles of glass panels - iron-green, cobalt- blue, copper-red or magenta-gold. These are then finished (etched and given a frame with wheels) as needed by the institutions.

The proceeds we receive from the sale and rental of our panels and training fees is not sufficient to cover our costs. Therefore in the future we will still need financial assistance  from foundations and donations. If you would like to support our work, please send your donation to the Lichtblick account below. We would be happy to send you a donation receipt.

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