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The present Covid 19 situation also does not leave Lichtblick unaffected. We too have had to reduce our activities to an absolute minimum.

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Metal Colour Light Therapy

A new Colour Light Therapy

Metal colour light therapy is a new colour light therapy, where sunlight passes through coloured, etched glass. The intense colours of the glass panels arise from metal oxides of iron, copper, silver and gold, and etched patterns on the panels intensify the effects of the metal colours. Light that passes through the glass panels to the observer’s senses conveys the qualities of the metals, for example: warmth or coolness, lively or peaceful flowing movement, structuring forces or loosening qualities. It also creates a new relationship to light. The observer’s mood can be stimulated or calmed, their intentions strengthened or resolved, their thoughts brightened and/or structured.

eisenoxydPart of an etched glass panel, coloured by iron oxide.