Research and Development

During the first years of our work, we concentrated on developing a way of making large glass panels which were coloured red and blue by using metal oxides. We decided to start with just two colours in order to eventually be capable of precisely describing how metal colour light therapy acts. At that time, we did not know whether it would be possible to attain these colours in glass by using metals.

After we had produced several metal colour light glass panels, we asked a number of interested individuals to write down their impressions and experiences, physical/physiological and psychological/mental, with the glass panels. The descriptions included different kinds of perceptions,from physical warmth, change in pulse and breathing, relaxation, increased presence to (most impressive) amazement and being profoundly touched. These descriptions became the basis of a guideline for further research.

Since 2003, therapists and doctors at the Filderklinik, Germany, have been both researching and working with metal colour light therapy. The research study on rheumatism, published in our book Metallfarblichttherapie, was carried out there. Dr. Ludger Simon (†2016) accompanied the research. The measurements of heart rate variability and breathing, done by Dr. Jan Vagedes and Angela Steer-Reeh, using gold-red and cobalt-blue glass panels and healthy individuals, took place at the Filderklinik as well. These research projects are also mentioned in our book Metallfarblichttherapie.


metallfarblichttherapie entwicklung forschungexpansion of breathing metallfarblichttherapie entwicklung forschungeffect on the body metallfarblichttherapie entwicklung forschungwarmth: its qualities, dynamics, and area of action

We are still researching and developing metal colour light therapy - the experience we gain with each production of glass panels is used in the following glass production, and therapy experience is incorporated both in the production of glass as well as in the development of metal colour light therapy. In our continuing education metal colour light therapy training (2010-2013 and 2015-2018) we had the opportunity of extending our insight of metal colour light therapy through the discussions and interactions between the international course participants with their various anthroposophical therapists backgrounds. This has also greatly increased our base of future research concepts.

A group of twenty trained metal colour light therapists who meet twice yearly to exchange their experiences with metal colour light therapy, develop further research questions, continue their education, and organize research work. We began with iron and its therapeutic action as blue and green iron glass, as the basis of yielding a remedy picture.  The results of this common work were published as a brochure Iron in Metal Colour Light Therapy in german and english language. In the moment we continue our research work with the gold glasses.

Since 2015 we have also started offering metal colour light therapy at Lichtblick. In the future, in cooperation with doctors, we will document individual case studies of particular medical conditions.
Friedlinde Meier will also accompany research done at other institutions.