Training as a Glass Etcher

glasradierung schraffurtechnikThis method of etching glass is developed from shaded drawing.

At Lichtblick a special technique of glass engraving is used. This is based on the technique which Assja Turgenieff developed together with Rudolf Steiner. Their concern was to work with the glass so as to reveal the being of the light as much as possible. Since 1995 Marianne Altmaier (†2013) took on the task to deepen this work.

At Lichtblick we make works of art from glass and glasses for therapy. The engraving of the therapy glasses means bringing certain qualities to the observer through the motif, the light and the colour. Each colour and each motif requires a new and intense dialogue with the glass.


marianne altmeier beim schleifenMarianne Altmaier etching a copper-red glass panel.Lucien Turci, the leader of the research project, has trained three women as engravers between 2014 and 2016. Clothilde Bernard, one of these three, has in 2017 taken over the realm of glass engraving at Lichtblick. Her task is to engrave therapy glasses and art objects and to care for, develop, deepen and pass on the special technique of engraving. There are very few people who practise this technique. What is also special about Lichtblick is that we make the glass ourselves and pay attention to the quality of the colours.

In 2019 a weekend is being planned in which it will be possible to get to know the basic elements of engraving. The topics covered will include an introduction about the nature of glass and how it is made and about the metals and their possibility to bring about colour in the glass. We will experience the practise of engraving and will get to know the physical effort, the noise of the machines, the dust, the water, but also the continually changing colours. If there is sufficient interest this basic experience and knowledge could be deepened in further seminars.

If you are interested please contact us.